Terastation TS5400DN

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Terastation TS5400DN

CPU Intel Atom D2700 2.13 GHz Dual-Core (64-bit)
Memory 2 GB DDR3 (Upgradable to 4GB)
Bays 4
Network 2x 10/100/1000 Mbps (WG82574L)
Sata 4x SATA III (Intel 82801JI)
USB 2.0 2x Back
USB 3.0 2x Back (D720201)
Serial port 1x Back
Fan 1x 92mm
Power Internal AC 100-240V, universal 50/60Hz

Stock Firmware Installation

Buffalo provides a disk image and instructions to create a USB recovery disk (see support link at the bottom of the page). To re-install the firmware simply boot from that recovery disk and then use the firmware updater in debug mode to install the firmware. see: Enable Debug mode for LSUpdater/TSUpdater

If for some reason you don't want to use Buffalo's recovery disk (or they stop hosting it) you can create your own. see: Create Recovery Disk for Intel-based Terastation

Custom Firmware/Operating System installation

These devices run on an Intel Atom processor with a fairly typical BIOS and include a VGA out and support USB keyboards, you should be able to run virtually any operating system that will run on a normal PC depending on drivers/etc.

For tools to help install and configure Debian on these devices, see Installing Debian on Intel Terastations

Device Notes

The max RAM speed for this device is 1066MHz but it will happily run 1333/1600 by clocking it down automatically. Oddly enough the faster RAM tends to be cheaper to source since some devices (Older iMac/MacBooks) will only work with 1066MHz.


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