Terastation TS-8VHL

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Terastation TS-8VHL

CPU Intel Atom D510 1.66GHz Dual-Core (64-bit)
Memory 2 GB DDR2 (Upgradable to 4GB)
Bays 8
Network 2x 10/100/1000 Mbps (Marvell 88e8059)
Sata 8x SATA II (Intel 82801ir and Marvell 88SX7042)
USB 2.0 2x Back
USB 3.0 No
Serial port 1x Back
Fan 2x
Power Internal AC 100-240V, universal 50/60Hz

Stock Firmware Installation

You can re-install the linux-based firmware by creating a recovery disk, see Create Recovery Disk for Intel-based Terastation You can then boot from it by switching the boot mode switch on the back to "USB", after a few minutes the device will go into EM Mode Then you can install the firmware using the firmware updater in debug mode, see Enable Debug mode for LSUpdater/TSUpdater

Custom Firmware/Operating System installation

These devices run on an Intel Atom processor with a fairly typical BIOS and include a VGA out and support USB keyboards, you should be able to run virtually any operating system that will run on a normal PC depending on drivers/etc.

For tools to help install and configure Debian on these devices, see Installing Debian on Intel Terastations


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