Terastation Microcontroller Interface

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Most of the Terastation Models and the oldest of the Linkstation devices use an on-board microcontroller to handle extra functionality including but not limited to:

  • The LCD Display
  • The Fan Speed
  • LEDs
  • The Buzzer
  • Power management

There have been Three versions of the protocol so far:

MiconV1 Interface Which was used by the original PowerPC/MIPS Terastation/Linkstation/Kurobox devices

MiconV2 Interface Which was used by the Most of the older ARM and Intel Terstations as well as the PowerPC Terastation Pro.

MiconV3 Interface Which is used by the recent generation Terstation devices such as the TS3010/TS5010, WS/TS5020, TS6000 etc