Linkstation LS-WVL

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Linkstation LS-WVL

CPU 1.6 GHz ARMv5 (Marvell 88F6282)
Memory 256MB DDR3
Bays 2
Network 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps (Marvell 88E1318)
Sata 2x SATA II
NAND Flash 512MB **LS-WVL/E Only
SPI Flash 512KB
USB 2.0 1x Rear
USB 3.0 None
Fan Yes
Power 12V 4A

Stock Firmware Installation

  • For the LS-WVL/E There is a simple procedure to lead the firmware from the device's NAND, this procedure can be found in Buffalo's "Quick Setup Guide for LS-WVL/E" which can be found here
  • Restoring_Stock_Firmware_without_TFTP

Custom Firmware/Operating System installation

These devices are supported by Debian and can be setup using the Debian network-console installer, see Installing_Debian_on_Supported_Devices


To get at the board (see pictures below):

  • Peel back the board-side rubber pads on the bottom and remove the screws underneath
  • remove the panel from the board-side.
  • remove the 4 screws securing the board and carefully disconnect the fan cable.

To disassemble further you can then access the various screws inside that connect the outer case to the interior components as well as the two screws on the back and the other two bottom screws.


DMESG output

U-Boot env

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